Yogic Slim's Powerful Ingredients

Yogic Slim's potent formulation works continuously to support digestion, fat metabolism, and appetite regulation to promote weight loss. Key ingredients include extracts of:

Kokum - Supports healthy fat metabolism.

Guggul - Supports digestion and metabolism.

Tribulus - Promotes healthy metabolic rate by stimulating hormones and breaking down cholesterol and fats that inhibit healthy liver function.

Boerhavia - Supports healthy water retention, stimulates liver functions, improves digestion, and promotes blood formation.

Prickly Chaff Flower - Maintains normal appetite.

Turmeric - Promotes healthy bile production by clearing and improving functions of the entire digestive system.

Three-Leaf Caper - Supports healthy digestion by purging the urinary tract and improves kidney function.

Vidanga - Supports healthy digestion and gas expulsion by improving the activity of digestive enzymes ensuring proper processing of food and metabolic waste products.

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