Yogic Slim's Customer Testimonials

Hi, Good Day. This is Sylvester. Living in the United States. I bought the Ayurstate, the Kama Raja and the Sukraja and all three products are very very good. Before I started using it I have problems with my prostate. The products are excellent. I will recommend anyone for these products. This is not a joke testimony and I'm telling you exactly how it works for me. Very good. Actually I just reordered. I just made an order and reordered more stuff. The same set I ordered I reordered it plus two other sets, the detox and the Cardiofy for the heart and Yogic Slim. Since these products are so good I ordered more other stuffs to check it out and as always give a testimonial on the other stuffs when I try it. But so far, it's very very good. I'll recommend anyone to get it. So thanks a lot and I'll keep you all informed or you could give me a call putting in to this testimonial. Thank you and Bye.

Sylvester (age 52) - New York, USA

I have been taking Yogic Slim for about 5 weeks now. And I have lost weight, and I sleep better, and my circulation has improved and I am very happy with the product. And the reason why I was looking for something was because I wanted to restore my thyroid and lose weight. And after research on the Internet by my husband Juan, we found this product and I was willing to try it even though I've been trying many things for several years and never had any results. And this is Elizabeth from Australia. Thank you. Bye.

Elizabeth (age 56) - Australia

Dear Anne,

I am so grateful to have discovered Yogic Slim. As can happen, after a lifetime of being active, I gained weight during a career change. This weight gain was then exacerbated by injuries following a car accident which had rendered me inactive. I was shocked, I had become downright fat and very depressed! I tried diet and exercise on my own with minimal results. Concerned for my health, and to facilitate my treatment for the car accident injuries, I pursued nutritional counseling and holistic healing. My primary goals were to make a lifestyle change that included weight loss and obtaining better health. Yogic Slim was suggested for me as it was believed that it would help "jump start" my metabolism and might facilitate my weight loss goals. I was skeptical as I have never believed that any weight loss supplement would actually work. 

Yogic Slim has worked for me. I honestly know this as prior diet and exercise were only minimally successful and I remained the same weight, and shape, for months.  However AFTER taking Yogic Slim these results were dramatically improved as I started to lose weight at a steady rate. I have maintained this steady weight loss rate for months and have now lost approximately 43 pounds. I believe that Yogic Slim has helped maximize the results of  my weight loss efforts. In addition, after taking Yogic Slim I felt more energetic and had the unforeseen benefit of clearer, brighter skin. I have been very satisfied with this product and, especially, with the results I have achieved while taking Yogic Slim.

Thank you for your wonderful product.


I realize I've only been taking your product about two weeks, but...about 5 or 6 years ago, I was seeing a traditional Chinese doctor (I usually trying alternative medicine first). I was being treated for bad sinuses. I had an adverse reaction to an herb (my "tea" contained 8-19 herbs) and gained 20 pounds in a month. The doctor thought it was impossible to have gained fat in that time cause he saw my food intake record and exercise record.

What's interesting is that a medical doctor tried giving my a prescription water pill a year or two ago --and it did absolutely nothing. Since I've been taking your product, I feel like I'm taking a water pill. Have you had any reports that maybe this combination of herbs read justs bodily functions that were astray?

I just have not been able to get rid of this excess water, so I'm very excited about your product and how it has helped reduce hunger pangs and eat less. I'm anxious to try it for a month -- and maybe longer!


Yogic Slim is great. I haven't used the product long enough to see any weight loss but I'm enjoying other health improvements. Simply feeling well in my body was reason enough for me to make a second order right away. Yogic Slim helps me to think clearer, gives me energy, and it controls hunger and food cravings. I'm anticipating shedding some of these extra pounds real soon. Overall I love the product.


I just want to say that I am so happy with the Yogic-slim. I started taking it 2 weeks ago, and immediately noticed a change in my appetite. Now I'm one of those people who has a real problem with overeating. I have been on diets and always have gone on pure willpower. This time, however, it's not just willpower. I really am not as hungry. I'm in the 3rd week and am starting to notice more energy too. 2 of my friends are using it too.

I was wondering why you don't have any testimonials on your website? If you need one, here it is!!


I am very happy with your product. Along with exercise and eating healthy it works. But, I have found it works for something else that is unbelievable. I am working on it. I will let you know. It would be something for women all over the world. I just need to finish putting it together. I will keep you posted.



Yes I believe the product is working well for me.

I think it has also helped me lose 15 pounds. Everyone says that i look pretty good for going onto 50 next year. I take it almost every day as long as I remember.Thank you.

Scott J.

I have been taking Yogic Slim for two weeks now and have lost weight (fat). I have not changed my diet ( it is pretty low caloric in intake) nor my exercise regimen ( 1 hour daily, 7 days per week).


After 3 weeks of using your product, I will be ordering 3 more bottles. I have experienced weight lose and my appetite decreased. Thank you for the opportunity to try your product.


Shortly I will need to order Yogi Slim. I am so impressed with your product, I was wondering if you had product to increase energy.

Thank you.